Neuerscheinung: Hermann Cohen. Spinoza on State & Religion, Judaism & Christianity

Hermann Cohen
Spinoza on State & Religion, Judaism & Christianity

Translation by Robert Schine

Shalem Press
pp. 124
ISBN-10: 9657052572
ISBN-13: 978-9657052570

Translation of Hermann Cohen’s monograph, Spinoza on State and Religion, Judaism and Christianity. Cohen’s essay is a passionate defense of religious rationalism, and especially of Jewish rationalism, against Spinoza, whose philosophy Cohen’s viewed both as a moral threat and as an act of treason against his ancestral religion. Cohen defends his conception of the philosophical foundations of Judaism against the thinker for whom religion and philosophy are simply incompatible. Schine’s translation and introduction have garnered high praise from our external readers. Like those readers, we believe we are now making an important text available to English-speaking students of modern Jewish thought and philosophy of religion.

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